Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania [Movie Review]

Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne, along with Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, explore the Quantum Realm, where they interact with strange creatures and embark on an adventure that goes beyond the limits of what they thought was possible.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is a film that is part of this new MCU phase that gave us a great taste of the villain that is coming towards these next few films and shows like the next season of Loki. The film is a little different in our common jokes and not taking the situation seriously. This one made sure kinda that there was a balance between the serious plot line and the jokes inside the characters even though we have seen that in the Ant-Man films jokes are part of Scott Lang’s character.

The story in the film seems simple when the topic at hand is about the multiverse and the quantum universe. Where they do go a little into detail in the story but its main focus is like any other Marvel film that is the action set pieces and that is all. When in the story there could’ve been more growth within the massive universe that we might see in the following MCU films and series where all the topics have been about the multiverse and variants and knowing that the main bad guy might be someone that we hope it can be.

The bland theme of the film is Family mostly kicking off a theme that we have seen in some particular films even if the film was to present a new character that maybe be part of what is rumored to be the young avengers it felt a little off. When you could’ve focused more on setting up a bigger broader story where Kang is the main focus of everything and how he is out there or how he can be a massive threat to the multiverse and the main timeline like that you can go ahead and have your audience thinking in the end what is gonna happen next and hype them for these upcoming films from this next phase.

Now one thing that was good was the characters you could see their growth and how since Avengers End Game. As the audience, if you have been following all the MCU films you can notice that each character since that event has grown and made sure to keep moving forward plus you can notice as well how the interaction of these characters flows with previous events as well with the event inside each character’s background. Seeing how Cassie Lang talks to Scott Lang at the first start of the film about how he is acting and how she is making a difference in the world because even though there isn’t danger you are still a hero.

The major highlight of the film is gotta be Kang The Conqueror. Why? Even though the focus was not entirely on him those minutes or seconds on screen made a major difference in the film storywise. Kang’s character makes you stay focused on his words and what he has to say in regard to the multiverse and the timeline of how he thinks that the universe should function with him doing these changes. This character is something that keeps you thinking about what is gonna happen next and what is the end game of this character.

Another highlight of the film is that the visuals are amazing. From the details of the characters that we see throughout the film and all the locations that we see as well, they went very big to show us what the quantum realm looks like even though we have seen it before. But in this film, we do see much more plus not only one place we see many locations throughout the film, and is very enjoyable. Plus the action set pieces were simple but very eye catchy.

The actors in the film all made great work of bringing their characters alive. Kathryn Newton was a special treat bringing Cassie due to the change of actress since Avengers End Game she is a great addition if she continues her role as Cassie Lang for the future of this character. The biggest highlight I would say that made a major impact in the film is Jonathan Majors he did such an amazing job with his character from starting in Loki and now being on the big screen being one of his counterparts it’s amazing what he is going to do with Kang The Conqueror.

But everyone in the cast was amazing just seeing all these characters back. One can notice that all of them are super excited to have their characters back and they did have a lot of fun making this film. Another character that even though didn’t have much screen time that I say that it felt great seeing on the big screen again is Bill Murray the little time that he was there meant a lot to me as a film fan noticing that many of these big actors are making their small cameos just for fun in these films.

One character that was missed used was Modok it felt that he was added just to show another villain in the film that doesn’t compose anything in the story and in the future of the MCU. This character in the comics is interesting and as well as a great villain it was not fair what they did to him in the film. How he was presented and how he came to be was interesting and it leaves you with wanting more of him maybe for a series or another MCU film a very good villain to be wasted.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is a good film in some places but it did feel bland in bringing more to the table on the future of the new MCU phase. Even though you can enjoy the film as a whole. Kang The Conquere steals the show in the film and makes it more interesting and he keeps you in your seat. This film could’ve been a major shocker to keep you thinking about what is coming and its end game if there is a bigger villain for this phase. The two post-credit scenes are a must-watch these will keep you thinking about what is coming next.


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