Who Are You People [Movie Review]

After a botched attempt to seduce her English teacher, 16-year-old Alex runs away from boarding school to seek out the biological father her mother always kept hidden and learn the dark secret of her roots.

Who are you people the exploration of a young teenager that is lost because she doesn’t know who she is and why her family is so different from her? This film has a very interesting touch on what some teenagers go through when they have the question “who am I?” In their head and keep asking it over and over again.

The story explores these thoughts as well on how sometimes families treat their oldest to the younger children in the household. From the start to its ending, this film is bold and doesn’t hold back in a good way. Who are you people is a story that can touch someone’s heart because this story can be their actual life or situation. The film is true to itself and the writer and director made sure that you feel every inch of emotion while you see the film in its entirety.

The message behind the film is right there to be seen. There are second chances, Not Judging as well as not keeping grudges from the past, and trying to make a change to be a better you. Plus try to find the true you inside your mindset and make sure that you believe in yourself even thou you have made many mistakes. Who are you people is a film made for not only the young audience is made for older ones as well bringing many things to the table.

A major point in the film is the characters you as the audience can actually maybe have a connection with them. From having moments you regret and wish things were different or being someone that has questions about themselves and wants to figure out how to find the answer. Each one of these characters has a purpose to add more to the story and just keeps you thinking and what is happening? Because every scene has a meaning as well as how every line brings in more questions about your main characters.

The cast of Who are you people were phenomenal in this film. Some familiar faces like Alyssa Milano and Devon Sawa have been in very essential movies and series. All of them had phenomenal chemistry in this film and you could see it. The major highlight of the film is Ema Horvath she did an amazing job bringing her character Alex. I would say that if she continues at this pace she can become a Hollywood star because her performance is breathtaking. Especially that chemistry with Devon Sawa felt natural and real. Bringing this story fully to life and bringing an amazing performance of her character.

In terms of the editing of the film and how it was filmed. The film uses many great shots in the night time and the director made sure that every moment of the film had certain colors that match the scene’s emotion with the characters in them. The film feels smooth and heavy depending on the situation at hand I would say that the cinematography was splendid and amazing.

Who are you people is a great film that touches on many bases and situations that can happen in s teenage household. This makes the film real and heartwarming in a certain sense as well as having space for all of us to think about our choices and what we should start considering for our own lives. Who are you people is a guide to self-love finding your true self and not giving up that is why this film is heartwarming and amazing.


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