‘FALL’ Review: A Visual Sleight-Of-Hand Vertigo Thrill Ride

In the same vein as movies about women with a specific set of skills surviving obscene circumstances in the past decade, such as The Shallows with Blake Lively, ‘Crawl’ with Kaya Scodelario, and ‘Infinite Storm’ with Naomi Watts, “FALL” directed by Scott Mann and starring Grace Caroline Currey doesn’t add anything new to this specific genre but it’s still a fun vertigo filled thrill ride … Continue reading ‘FALL’ Review: A Visual Sleight-Of-Hand Vertigo Thrill Ride

Paper Girls [Series Review]

Paper Girls is like seeing a different version of the film Project Almanac directed by Dean Israelite. Why? you have the Time War and a group of young kids to try and save the world with a different twist but have the same feeling when you think about it. when finishing the series I felt that there is more to come when we get to the next season and more will be unfolded. Continue reading Paper Girls [Series Review]

Chloe [Series Review]

Still living with her mother and working as a temp, Becky compares herself to the picture-perfect lives on Instagram, compulsively returning to one account: Chloe’s (Gilbert). Becky obsessively watches her seemingly flawless life through social media. But when Chloe dies suddenly, Becky’s need to find out how and why leads her to assume a new identity and engineer a “chance” meeting with Chloe’s best friend, … Continue reading Chloe [Series Review]

The Summer I Turned Pretty [Series Review]

The Summer That I Turned Pretty is a great series for this summer it has a balance of a little bit of everything within the learning point and many other topics that you can learn from them. As well this series is fun and great for the family. This series is a must-watch for this summer you will have a lot of fun and will enjoy this interesting story. Continue reading The Summer I Turned Pretty [Series Review]

“18 1/2” Review: A Historical Farce With An ASMR Rich Third Act

Dan Mirvish’s latest film, 18 1/2, constructs the narrative amid Watergate as a White House transcriber and seemingly obtains the only known copy of the infamous 18 1/12 minute gap of the Nixon tapes.  I’m a sucker for politically driven narratives with such classics as ‘All The President’s Men’ and ‘Good Night and Good Luck’, so when I read the synopsis for the newest film … Continue reading “18 1/2” Review: A Historical Farce With An ASMR Rich Third Act