Sonarius: The Mystery Of M [Audio Series Review]

Two years after her brilliant and schizophrenic brother Mark’s tragic suicide, Jenny Krantz discovers six voice messages that he left specifically for her. These messages lead Jenny on an epic journey from New York City to the remote wilds of the Mojave desert – a dark, thrilling ride that reveals long-hidden secrets about her brother, their father, and their childhood, leading ultimately to a stunning experience that changes her forever.

Sonarius is a mystery audio podcast that takes you to places that you never thought your mind would be taking you. In this story, you follow Jenny on her journey to see what really happened to her brother Mark with these mysterious voicemails that are on his phone that keeps her thinking that there is a chance that he might be alive.

This audio podcast is a balance of mystery and thriller that brings you to think about what is out there as well as how sometimes how people think about the universe. That is one of the main topics that this story touches upon when Jenny is exploring life itself in her brother’s eyes and how she at the begging she starts as your day-to-day normal person to someone that changed their look in life.

Storywise this audio series is a perfect balance with a major twist at the end. Due to that, the story is a mixture of Mystery, Horror, Cosmic theories, and much more. As well keeping you thinking about what will happen next during the story and as well during the end where you doubt yourself and keep your mindset as What if? Especially if you are a Lovecraftian Horror fan this is an audio series that as well will keep you thinking about many things like are they alive?

Sonarius having a full local talent this audio series brings so much to the table you feel that you are part of the journey it feels like you are there with the characters. You feel the fear and the uncomfortable moments that they go through the feeling is very interesting coming from an audio series where the visual part of it comes from your imagination and not a big screen or a tv screen. Even in those moments when the character is in suspense you have that feeling where you get goosebumps from just listening.

The score of Anton Sanko is amazing in this audio series. The mix of 80s and classic synth-wave makes you even more like part of the story. Why? Because the mixing is phenomenal every second counts in the score every chill moment you feel fine but the mix of some areas where you get that feeling that there is something next to you but really there is nothing there. That is why I mention that the score is just a very important part of this series it just mixes in very perfectly.

Peter Mattei’s vision for Sonarius is just an amazing look at how someone passes grief of losing someone special in their life as well as how powerful is technology with a touch of Cosmic Horror. Looking at life as well as how he directed and created this universe that can expand to much more the way that this series ended. Having an open ending where you as the audience can make as many theories about it as well as Peter keeping you in your seat.

Sonarius: The Mystery Of M is an Audio series that you can bench listen to and just be satisfied with the cosmic experience that you will have in this amazing journey that it will take you. As well this audio series has so many things inside and details that you can imagine and just enjoy the full ride. This audible original is a must-add to your listening queue.

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