discovery+ And HBO Max To Debut Original Series FUNNY OR DIE’S HIGH SCIENCE On 4/20, Starring Paul Bettany, Matt Klinman, And Zack Poitras

  • The new original series FUNNY OR DIE’S HIGH SCIENCE will debut THURSDAY, APRIL 20 on discovery+ and HBO Max. The series stars Matt Klinman, and Zack Poitras, featuring Paul Bettany as the voice of futuristic, talking bong “Dr. Oh” who will take Matt and Zack on psychedelic trips of scientific discovery to blow their minds with real facts from the cutting edge of human knowledge. Episodes will become available to stream at the same time and the series will premiere two episodes weekly beginning April 26 on Discovery Channel.
  • Paul Bettany quote: “It was a pleasure to work with Funny Or Die and the creators, Matt and Zach, on a project that is so opposite to anything I have done before. ‘Dr. Oh’ is their creation that I’ve tried to sort of bring an avuncular warmth to. This one’s for those science fans with a sense of humor.”
  • Henry Muñoz, Owner of Funny or Die, quote: “As I’ve said before, Funny Or Die has always been on the cutting edge of comedy and social issues, giving a voice to new generations. High Science does just that by combining humor, and originality through a hallucinatory lens.”

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