Godzilla Singular Point [Series Review]

Brought together by a mysterious song, a grad student and an engineer lead the fight against an unimaginable force that may spell doom for the world.

Godzilla Singular Point is not your ordinary Kaiju Anime or series. This is a little more than that is like when you mix Folklore, Religion and science in a mix and this is the series you get.

Why, Because from the start to finish all of the main talk is about a catastrophe and how certain things are coming out to fruition and stating that something big and bad is coming.

We follow Mei a scientist that studies abnormal biology and Yun the Engineer/Programer where they are trying to solve the singularity and the events that happen with Godzilla.

This anime had amazing animation and story. Plus the action set pieces are simple but fun and worth all the point. Having a great tone in every episode like you get excited and frustrated at the same time.

One things that i really wanna highlight in this series is the Character development. Even thou you have so many great and fun characters all of them gets their Highlight and backstory checked in. Even Jet Jaguar gets there big moment to shine.


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