Bury The Bride [Movie Review]

Bury The Bride is an adventure that could have been evaded. The lack of story and direction gives this film low expectations for anything coming from it. The film could’ve brought in more if there was a meaning to the situation to its characters and the film itself. Thou you can still enjoy the film with its practical effects and interesting score/soundtrack. Continue reading Bury The Bride [Movie Review]

The Worst Ones [Movie Review]

The Worst Ones is a film that everyone should watch it brings a fresh look at cinema as well the rich characters that the film brings that you will enjoy fully and as well connect yourself with them and take a great experience overall. The film brings a strong message about family and self-image and much more beyond those topics if you start to layer up the story and character of the film. The Worst Ones is a must-watch film that brings an overall great experience for you and your family. Continue reading The Worst Ones [Movie Review]