FUBAR [ Series Review ]

A C.I.A. operative on the edge of retirement discovers a family secret and is called back into the field for one last job.

FUBAR follows a CIA agent trying to complete his last days to be able to retire and make his dreams come true to be with his family. This Netflix show is like bringing the film True Lies and making it into a whole series and maybe a very intriguing Netflix Universe with a fantastic cast and excellent comedy and enjoyment with all the one-liners and funny moments in the series.

This series’ story is interesting in how they not only focus on the two main characters it gives you details of all its cast members with a certain balance that will not be overwhelming making you grab so much information for each one of them. Focuses on one villain and it makes sure that you can enjoy the story and all the activities that you will see while watching this action-packed series. This is a Binge worth experience.

One of the major parts of this series is that every episode is eye-catching with details plus the dialogue is sometimes out there but it’s still worth every second to enjoy. Why? Because if you as the audience enjoyed those 70’s to 90’s spy action films you will understand why the dialogue is how it is. Especially in many moments that you are like Leo in “The Wolf Of Wall Street” that you are like I have seen this before in another film. Give many nods to many films in a major good way and it brings a unique taste to the series.

The cast in this series I got to say is phenomenal fun, funny, and just exciting. Seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in this series was a major experience just noticing that he was enjoying this series to the fullest. Plus I imagine that he felt back at home being an international spy like when he was “Harry” in the James Cameron film “True Lies” plus seeing Arnold so calm and just enjoying the series.

A great highlight from the series is that the whole cast came in with a bang and the chemistry between each other was phenomenal. Just seeing how Monica Barbaro and Arnold’s chemestry in the series is feels phenomenal.

As well having so many different characters in the mix like that anyone that sees Fubar will be able.to connect with any of these characters. It is an amazing cast that bring this show to life and you will enjoy them.

The show brings many interesing this to the table from giving you many laughs and one-liners also bringing life lessons to the mixture. From how mistakes can affect your family to accepting your mistakes and your problems.

Besides that, there are moments in the dialogue in some episodes that feel odd but in some ways it makes it work within the chracters description. Fubar has amazing comedy and many moments that will keep you thinking on where have i heard this before or what easter egg is this.

Fubar is an Action-Packed Comedy series that will knock your socks off and keep you laughing since the beggining to the end. This is a True Lies in a bigger universe and I am onboard with it.


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