Citadel [Series Review]

Global spy agency Citadel has fallen, and its agents’ memories were wiped clean. Now the powerful syndicate, Manticore, is rising in the void. Can the Citadel agents recollect their past and summon the strength to fight back?

Citadel follows two spies that are in the top tier of the business and working in the most prestigious agency you could find Citadel. When a syndicate organization finds out how to infiltrate its headquarters and impact the agency and its agents, it ensures that its operations are final and affected. Plus making them disappear from the map and let them be no more.

The plot line of this show is pretty straightforward in what they are trying to achieve in the series but what makes the series catchy and interesting is what is shown thought-out the series where it’s not only about the two main characters there is more involvement from not only the syndicate and the agency but politics and the government as well. How depending on a certain item that they are looking for can affect some government parties and or powerful people due to the information in hand.

The fact that in each episode you get more and more information about these powerful political secondary characters brings more interest in the series as well brings a little more essence that this series is not like your typical James Bond film or other spy films as well. The series besides that follows these two spies that have forgotten their memory due to an accident at the start of the series interesting how certain things pan out in these episodes that follow up in each one.

Now regarding the phenomenal talent that they brought to this film, I personally gotta say that this group of actors is just breathtaking in bringing these characters to life especially Richard Madden and Priyanka Chopra Jonas their chemistry in the film is very unique, and interesting because is like a love and hate relationship but you can tell that they both had major fun making this series as well how they work together throughout the series seeing the way they can pan out as a great team for future films or series if they work together.

As well having so many actors that are veterans on the field like Stanley Tucciike being part of this cast is just phenomenal plus his performance is amazing even though is a character that he has done before like his character from King’s Man. But even with that his performance is one of a kind and many times I would say that he deserves a chance at a bigger role in Hollywood. Plus the rest of the cast brings a touch of uniqueness to the series and makes it a series that you want to sit down and bench watch.

This series is very intriguing and as well packs a punch in the action department. Citadel brings to the table a little Drama, Action, Romance, and among other things that you as the audience will be glued in your seat when you start this journey of figuring out the puzzle that this series will bring to your mind. Plus when you reach that point of the who did what is that point that you will just bring up that whiteboard to just become a detective of your own. Citadel is a must-watch action-packed series that will keep you wanting more from the series.


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