SISU [Movie Review]

When an ex-soldier who discovers gold in the Lapland wilderness tries to take the loot into the city, Nazi soldiers led by a brutal SS officer battle him.

Sisu is an action packet gory film that takes you to the year 1944 when the war has taken over every corner of Finland. You follow Atami that is just trying to find gold in a time when gold was at its peak price and while he found his golden ticket. A group of Nazi soldiers go ahead and mess with the wrong ex-military soldier that is a one-man army.

The way films start with a simple intro of what SISU means and that is a word that is hard to translate but is more about how courage is a key part of the film and the character as well. How simple the film has every part divided into chapters I personally would say that it feels like you were experiencing Dante’s inferno in another time and different storyline.

This film is an amazing gore fest if you are a fan of a fast pace action film. Where from begging to end you are mesmerized by each sequence in the camera frame which keeps you thinking about who is this man that you are following on the big screen. As well every second you just want to see more and more of the carnage and how every second counts in regards to how strong this character is and how he doesn’t give up on anything.

The enjoyment of how the story keeps the main character’s backstory a secret and only reveals little details of who he is and what he has done in the past it’s a major highlight in the film. Giving you more and more interest in his past and what he is made of throughout the film as well you see literally everything that they mention about Atami is very detailed and as well you see his full potential in the film and much more.

SISU has amazing cinematography and action sequences. In this film, you can notice some scenes where the director was inspired by many films and he brought a unique look to those scenes. As well I have to say that one thing that brings this film to its fullest is the fact that many scenes are full shots and as well you can notice that some were single shots. The director made sure that he used all that he had in hand for this film and he made sure to make an impact.

The main touch that you can notice in the film is the major action gore fest that makes a very big impact. Where you see many explosions and many body parts flying and blood spattering everywhere is a film that if you don’t have the stomach for it you will be going to an explosive first experience. Even though the film’s major key is violence the small bits that make it tone down like you can have a small breath very nicely added for the audience.

SISU’s cast is amazing all of them bring so much impact to their characters. This film has a lot of flavors where you can feel the essence of what this film brings to the table and you will just love and hate certain characters while you just see what each one brings. This cast is a full surprise at its finest and you will enjoy this film at its fullest plus the mystery that some of them bring.

SISU is an action-packed gorefest at its finest where each frame and each sequence will make you jump from your seat and make you just sit back again and see the film. The film is a whole new adventure that will just keep you thinking about what would happen next if there is a sequel to it. But an amazing action film of the year.


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