Love & Death [Series Review]

Two churchgoing couples enjoy small-town family life in Texas – until somebody picks up an axe.

Love & Death is a docu-series that follows the life of Candy Montgomery and her affair until things didn’t go as planned. This drama series is another example of why HBO Max is such an amazing platform and their execution of storytelling. Bringing in an amazing cast and a phenomenal performance from everyone.

This simple story brings a punch when you think is just an affair and that is all. The way this series builds up the suspense and the phycological aspect to it is mesmerizing how it all turns out in the end. As well if not the true story presentation at the start one can imagine that is an original story and not a story based on a case that actually happened in real life.

So many things one can highlight in this show from the cinematography to the editing to the storytelling. Why? This series is built in a way that you as the audience will keep questioning everything that is happening or as well will question if the series is about an affair or a criminal insane. Due to the editing of the series you can actually feel that the main character Candy is mentally not stable or just a plain o;d self-defense.

All the directors of this series did an amazing job on the continuation of the flow of the story each episode felt like the other part of a film it felt natural within each other. Even thou there were some episodes that you might think that the show was a psychological Horror when it was a drama docu-series. Every scene and the colors were so vibrant and when things got a little hesitant the colors would change to darker tones it was amazing.

Another thing that you can mention about the show is the fact that they kept the series light-toned in the sexual aspect of the series and the story. Every scene was perfectly curated like in the film Pleasure they worked with the cameras to provide the audience enough and keep the focus more on the story aspect and not on those scenes. Plus the many scenes that you can enjoy because they look like photo stills and you can fully enjoy them.

Every episode brings like an aspect of the main character like when you start the series you are presented with a nice loving wife and then for each episode you get to know more and more of the character and her state of mind. That brings a lot to the table in regards to something interesting that can be of conversation when you talk about the series and how powerful can the mind of a person be plus how they can make a change to themselves in a matter of seconds.

The cast of the show is phenomenal I got to say that each one of the cast members presented an amazing performance to this series. As for Elizabeth Olsen, this series brought a character that brings out the talent that she has to her fullest and that she is meant to have major roles in Hollywood she should be considered to be nominated for this series. The cast gives you the full experience of the year that the series is based on that is the 70s and you get the accent and the colors plus the gestures of those times everyone was phenomenal.

Love & Death is a Drama that you can’t miss out is sweetness turned into a nightmare with a major twist in its hands. As well giving you a twist that you will want to just sit back and relax to rewatch everything again. This series is to die for on how good it is and the performance that you will see and notice with all the cast. Love & Death is to die for the Drama series.

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