A Long Break (International Feature – First Annual Film Festival) [Movie Review]

After 13 years, Tsitsi initiates a reunion of his former classmates with a seemingly harmless cause: they have not seen each other since graduation and the reason for the gathering is to remember school and have a drink.

A Long Break is a retrospective look at how sometimes humans hold on to grudges for a long time and then realize that everyone can make mistakes and can be forgiven because no one is perfect. In this film, we follow a group of school friends that haven’t seen each other for 13 years and they create a reunion to see each other and as well make sure that one of them gets what he deserves for what he did in the past.

The film has a very interesting way to bring drama to the start of the film and make a drama look like a Horror film through the colors and the scenes that you see throughout the film. Still, the director made sure that you can not only focus on one character but you can focus on each one of them. Why? Because throughout the story you keep adding more content about why they are all reunited after a long time and as well as the purpose of why each one of them made it to the reunion.

The director knew how to set the tone in the film there are moments where you feel that things will go wrong or will be a good moment and these tones you can feel them in the film every scene and it makes the film confusing in a good way. Why? Certain scenes feel like you are in a School Horror film, it brings that tone to what the character is feeling at the moment as well there are moments when the scene has no dialog and you can embrace what the character is going through.

What an interesting cast this film has all of the cast members did an amazing job bringing life to the film. They went beyond to the fullest for you as the audience to feel the pain or the despair that these characters bring as well as certain relief in some scenes. Still, the cast went in full to bring these characters to life as well for some that have a little more background than others you can have a connection with them because their situations are very similar to everyday life.

A Long Brek brings a major message in the film that throughout the story you can notice that it builds up more and more when you get to know the character more and when you get to the point of the way of the reunion. That message is the fact that no one is perfect in life everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect in life itself. One has to leave the past in the past and just move forward that is what this film brings as a message and the process that it can take to realize it.

This film is a nice touch of how you as a human being can make mistakes and sometimes keep those past grudges inside of you. A Long Break is an outstanding film that even thou there are moments that you can feel is another type of movie you get back and see the bigger picture. Outstanding performances and story plus the direction are phenomenal.


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