Bury The Bride [Movie Review]

Bride to be June’s bachelorette getaway turns deadly when her bloodthirsty fiance and his friends show up to crash the party.

In Bury The Bride, you follow a group of girls that you are celebrating a bachelorette party that turns out to be much more than saying goodbye to being single and it turns into a full blood bath a hell of an event. A simple story with a mythos behind the surprise that it will bring towards you the audience and the bride itself.

Let’s talk a little about the film’s main plot, which is very simple and its an interesting B Horror Film with something to bring. Even thou you do see and notice that there are some neich thing from you typical B Horror film the attractive girls and the simple plot but with an interesting twist Bury The Bride story is something that you can enjoy and have some fun.

The story when you reach the end of the film you keep thinking what is gonna happen next and what the endgame is, If there is any endgame to the plot. But when you get to the end is like a what is happening here? You as the audience you will be like no way how did this happen and why it’s happening. I can say that even thou like I state with the simple plot line this film can be a surprise.

The Film tries to bring some sort of story and mythos within the characters but they are simple and it could have been much more. But knowing that their might have been budget constraints the film still brings an interesting mythos that if they could’ve establish the mythos in the beginning of the film with a simple shot scene of the past of certain events that happened in the past that could have brought much more to the film.

The cast of the film does a great job of bringing their characters to life and how in the film you can see that they are living their characters to the fullest. Plus even with the simple plotline they went ahead and killed it in the film. One thing that i would say that was a little off was the dialogue it was simple but it could have been better being the fact of the past work of the writer of the film.

The cinematography and the scenes in the film were pretty dark in some scenes but still they were fun to watch. The major thing on the film are the practical effects of the film are fun and like always what you want to see in a horror film a lot of blood and guts. As well the make up in the film is very good specially in close ups the make up is top both and great. The film has it’s flaw in certain scenes but still the essence of the story is there.

Bury The Bride is a B Horror film that brings and interesting twist in the end. Where you as the viewer will have some questions to ask on what is happening here as well on why did this happen? The film is a fun ride if you are a horror fan as well with an interesting mythos that could be explored more if they want too.


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