Attack Of The Doc [Movie Review]

Before the rise of big tech, social media, and Marvel movies, Attack of the Show. chronicled nerd culture’s unlikely acceptance into the mainstream. G4TV’s flagship show launched the careers of hosts Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira and was beloved by fans – a unique celebration of geek culture before it was cool. Diving into colossal cream pies, wearing funny fat suits, and putting internet servers where the sun doesn’t shine – anything could happen on an episode of Attack of the Show. It’s been years since the original show went off the air in 2005 and one question remains: what really happened to G4TV and Attack of the Show?

Going back in time when there was a geek fandom but you needed to be careful about when and where you would say that you liked video games, D&D, Anime, and other things due to people thinking that you are different and weird. Then came the channel that made a major impact in television and on the geek community called G4 it had many shows but one made the difference Attack Of The Show.

This documentary is a ride through memory lane touching bases on the beginnings of G4 with their simple shows into buying off Tech TV to make G4 much bigger and broader giving us all the detail on how it started and how it was made and built. This documentary showed how a simple idea became a pinnacle of gaming and technology with a comedy twist.

Having all the footage of the past and how Attack of the Show and G4 changed and grew over the years. The process of how they found Olivia Munn and how they tell you how they did so was funny and great plus how some of the producers went ahead and believed in Kevin Pereira to be the main host of AOTS. Seeing how these people believed in Kevin and how throughout the years he became better and better at his job as well as how AOTS needed a Co-Host and how Olivia came to be an amazing experience.

This documentary brings so much information on how everyone felt in voiceovers while you see either past footage of AOTS or some really interesting and simple 3-D rendering of how some meetings went and how certain things happen it’s an interesting experience especially when those moments are presented to you with many details from end to start. Every second you spend watching this documentary is an experience and a ride to memory lane to its fullest.

They highlight as well when AOTS was introduced to Comic Con, E3, and Tech Events in between other events. Becoming one of the first ever tv programs to bring live shows to these events and not only live shows bringing you hand-to-hand full exclusives about films and or video games plus technology information. Being the number one place to be watching because you would feel like you as the audience are part of the event itself.

A major highlight that they mention was the amazing Twitter wall how AOTS was making sure to interact with their fans through Twitter and seeing all the tweets live on their show and interacting with all the fans and just having a blast as well. Plus all the great moments with Olivia and Kevin being the best host in TV I personally would say of all the time and space. Especially when things changed when Olivia left and moments later Kevin said his goodbyes to AOTS.

We didn’t get the best parts of G4 and AOTS we get to see its downfall this part is where you see how an amazing gaming tv channel got turned to just bring reruns of COPS and UFC highlights and many many reruns of AOTS and Xplay. Being I think the hardest part of the documentary that one then realizes that G4 will never be the same again and they closed their doors plus the final episode.

Attack Of The Doc is an amazing homage and storytelling of what Attack Of The Show was and G4 Tv. This documentary will be a knowledgeable ride for this generation and a nostalgia ride for the generation that got to follow G4 from the begging to the end of an amazing Tv channel that meant a lot to the geek community. Attack Of The Doc is a major fun memory lane ride to its fullest an enjoyable piece to take with you everywhere.


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