Minnesota Mean [Movie Review]

“Minnesota Mean” follows the powerful women of the Minnesota RollerGirls for a season as they balance life, friendship, and roller derby.

Minnesota Mean is a documentary that follows a roller derby team called Minnesota RollerGirls. Where the director shows us many key things that you need to have when you are an athlete in any sport plus the discipline needed to balance out your life and how important teamwork is in the area of sports and how the little things can make a big impact in your life.

This documentary goes in parts I don’t know if the director made it intentional that every second of the film is divided into different topics and touches each topic with great in detail. Topics like Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Family, and female empowerment. A well-balanced documentary that shows the story of each one of these athletes.

How the stories are presented to you as the viewer is very interesting and some of the footage has a shaky cam feel. That makes this a more personal touch on how this was filmed it brings a classic way of filmmaking.

The director of the film made sure that each one of the athletes has a spotlight on how they managed to be in the Minnesota Roller Girls and balance it out with their personal lives. But there is more to their stories as well on how each one brings their personal lives as well to it and it brings a different touch to it.

Even though you get to see and listen to each one of their lives you can sense and notice the drive and the strength these ladies bring to the table. Showing the world that yes they can withstand a hit from a rival team as well on what life hits them with.

Still seeing the Female Empowerment in each and one of them they as well know that even thou their passion is roller derby they are human as well. You see the teamwork and the passion all these girls have for the sport and how they want to make it as a team and family.

The director made sure that you see how their day-to-day is when they go to tournaments as well as how they plan strategies for their opponents. She made sure that each one of them highlighted their struggles and how they worry about certain things that can affect their game and how they want to make an impact for themselves and their team.

Minnesota Mean shows us how sometimes change is good as well as scary but when it happens it can bring amazing things to one’s life. The Roller Girls each of them give details on how their decision can affect their career or how it can benefit their lives two of them mentioned that they were expecting children and they needed to leave the team for that major change.

This documentary is a way to show women let their teens or adults never give up and take their goals to heart and make sure that even thou life hit them hard to stand up and do it again or take the task in their hands. Minnesota Mean is a tale of powerful women making a change in their lives and an impact on the world with their stories and how you as a woman can make a change as well.


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