Living With Chucky [Movie Review]

A filmmaker who grew up alongside Chucky the killer doll seeks out the other families surrounding the Child’s Play films as they recount their experiences working on the ongoing franchise and what it means to be a part of the, “Chucky” family.

Living with Chucky is a film that not only brings an homage to our favorite Good Guy this film brings a message on how a group of people made a change in the horror genre as well as how they have become more than just a team a family. This film is a very fun ride to know the history of how Chucky came to be as well as many stories on why some decisions were made through each sequel of this franchise.

This documentary has a very unique aesthetic where it goes from old-school to modern-day technology as well as an amazing transition when you go from the first film to the next one. As well as getting to know in detail what happened in the development of each film how difficult was to get the film greenlit how certain sequels had lower budgets and how there was a shift in the Chucky films from horror to dark humor.

Living with Chucky has many transitions where you see the behind the scene of the original films as well as how the films were made while you have the director or actor talking about their experience and or stories behind when that day happened. Seeing in this film how things were made and how things worked for these films was an amazing experience where you as the audience will enjoy every bit as well if you are a filmmaker is a learning platform to see how horror was made in the past as well how Chucky made a major change to it as well.

Having other actors in the documentary talk not only about Chucky but their experience with making horror films and how sometimes it, might take a toll because Horror is not easy to make and or create. Seeing as well how they explain how acting is very important in the creation of a horror film and the connection with the team but they all talk about how practical effects are the main key for horror films in general because it can be something that is not expected and it can work for your film.

One of the major highlights in the film is the connection that each one of the cast members and directors knows each other personally and how they all help each other to bring this franchise to its fullest. Seeing all of them talking about each other and their experience on set is amazing to see in this film you can notice how each one of them enjoyed their time making each Chucky film and how as well they all love the fans of the franchise.

This film brings up a topic that is not usual to see when your film is mostly about a major horror icon and the people behind the films. But they talk about how being a parent in this type of work can make you be out of your home for maybe two or five months out because you are part of a major film and sometimes you have to work 8 to 10 hours a day. Plus they explain how sometimes they would take their free days on the weekend or in the week to be able to fly out and see their families to be part of many things that one as a parent doesn’t want to miss out on.

As well the filmmaker talks about how her father Tony Gardner was a major part of the Chucky franchise and how his work became her passion as well as how she and he talked about those days when he was mostly at work and that she didn’t have that conversation until this film. These little additional details that were added to the documentary made it very special because being a hard-working father I understand that the little things are the ones that you take to heart and adore as well.

Living With Chuck is a documentary that you as a horror fan or a documentary fan can take to heart. Having so many moments in the film that take you to the past and as well giving you more insight into why the changes happen in certain films plus how everything works inside a budget to work with. As well as how this film gives you more than a tribute and or homage to Chucky it presents you with a major fan base and a Chucky family. Plus the love that they have for each other and their favorite Good Guy.


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