The Worst Ones [Movie Review]

A group of teenagers from the same neighborhood are selected to act in a feature film during the summer.

The Worst Ones gives us a look at how society sometimes can push people away due to their background or from where they live. As well as how certain things in life can affect you in a way that you as a teenager or adult don’t know how to manage and take it out to the world. This film as well gives us many characters that you as an audience can connect with and maybe be in their shoes as well this film is a short film turned into a major feature film.

This film brings a major message to all of our characters in regards to how society can judge you just because of where you live and as well because of certain rumors and actions you took. Plus the film brings a certain type of emotion where you can connect with these characters and notice that many of the things they have gone through you can relate to or analyze in your life. This film is very wholesome in every way possible plus there is so much meaning to every second of this film that you can take away in your personal life.

In the film, there is a scene that I say is just magical in how it worked and just the whole meaning of the scene. There is a scene where Timéo Mahaut (Ryan) is filming one of his last scenes in the film he is part of there is a reenactment of a nightmare and many doves fly over him and his grandmother. This scene has a major meaning for his character in that when you reach the final act to the end of the movie you stay in shock due to the process of how this character went from having no emotions to someone that can be bigger in life. These words come from the directors themselves that we speak about this scene in particular.

This film was well-thought story-wise. why? Because every character even thou they have a small role or big role has a major meaning to our protagonist and to their process. This film feels as if you are part of the story as well where you are looking into all their actions and mistakes where you as the audience are having this experience with them and seeing how they transform to be better teenagers in their lives. Plus this film is a learning curve for oneself to not let the world target you and make you feel bad about yourself.

The Worst One’s cast is phenomenal in the film they bring all their characters to life in a way that you are mesmerized and knowing that this film is about teenagers filming a movie. Every character felt real and unique not only the fact that some of the characters you can say that their backstories are simple but the execution of these actors was so phenomenal that you can feel each one of these stories. Plus the fact that you can as well just enjoy the film because you can connect fully with these characters.

There are some actors that I gotta say that performance was unique and they are the ones that take this film to another level. One of them is Mallory Wanecque how she brought Lily to life in this film was amazing being someone that doesn’t have that many credits as an actress she just blows your mind with her performance. Her character has many layers when you see how in every scene she transforms into a new Lily and how she just gives you every inch of the character’s pain and how everything ends with her character in both films is just breathtaking.

Timéo Mahaut a kid that only has one credit on his career as a young actor went beyond and full with his performance especially since his character Ryan was the most complex out of the group. Due to all the situations that the had to express in his character as well as how he expresses himself in every scene in the film. Then in the film, you notice that he doesn’t give in to show you his conclusion until the final act, and when the film finishes and you get to see the calmness of his character when the end of the film goes to black. Another surprise in this film regards the cast.

The Worst Ones is a film that everyone should watch it brings a fresh look at cinema as well the rich characters that the film brings that you will enjoy fully and as well connect yourself with them and take a great experience overall. The film brings a strong message about family and self-image and much more beyond those topics if you start to layer up the story and character of the film. The Worst Ones is a must-watch film that brings an overall great experience for you and your family.


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