The Outwaters [Movie Review]

Four travelers encounter menacing phenomena while camping in a remote stretch of the Mojave Desert.

The Outwater a way to bring Lovecraftian horror to a very interesting level. Where from the beginning to the end you really don’t know what is going on or what is the story in this film you keep asking what is happening and what is going on. This film keeps its mystery from the start to the end and you as the audience can in fact just either enjoy the ride or just think about what you have just seen.

The film has the feel of many other horror films that is mystery footage that was found later in time and you are re-living that moment or event thought-out the film. It has a major feel like Cloverfield but The Outwaters doesn’t have a concrete story for you to follow in regards to the cast. There is a minor back story for each character and their purpose in the film that you can somewhat have a connection with them.

The shaky cam footage was very interesting but there were moments that didn’t have to be added to the film. Like to mention there are moments that feel more like a full home video film where you see the camera just show moments like earthquakes that don’t add to the story and other moments of like scenes that just made the film a little off the main purpose. As well there are moments that are full dark shots that you can only hear the characters scream it’s good to have some scenes with that treatment but having so many scenes like that takes away from the film.

The Outwater has a lot of great moments about the film itself where the director brought in very interesting takes where you as the audience can be scared or freaked out due to the cinematography. For example, there are moments the area is pitch black but there is a normal flashlight shining in certain areas which gives you that full horror vibe that just keeps you thinking about what is going on or what is happening here. Keeps you in your seat and awaiting what is coming next.

The practical effects on the film are great and I would say phenomenal. One thing that I always look forward to with a horror film is what they did practically because that is what the essence of horror cinema comes from. especially when you do cosmic horror where you can see where their imagination can go in the film you can notice that in many parts of The Outwater, you can see how they execute many things using these types of effects like some scenes with the camera.

The cast did a good job to bring their characters to life and you can notice their capabilities when you reach that point in the film of madness and craze. Angela Basolis brought in something amazing in the film especially in the end when you can feel every inch of what she is going through as well the transition from being human to something else. As well Robbie Banfitch at the end of the film brought in a very interesting touch on his character showing us the madness that he is going through in a way that you as the audience can feel the pain and the suffering of the character.

The Outwater is a great Lovecraftian horror film if you as the audience know about it and have knowledge about it. The downside of the film is that there is no linear storyline and the only payoff is the horror aspect of it and which makes the film a little bland in many ways. it feels a little too long but in the end, if you are someone that like H.P. Lovecraft and his stories this film will keep you thinking about what are these creatures and where they came from. It will just keep you thinking about what would be next? If they continue this cosmic horror. The film is a great horror in the end but in the start lacks purpose and story.


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