American Outlaws [Movie Reivew]

It follows three siblings, facing the possibility of prison, as they take matters into their own hands with a cross-country crime spree of epic proportions.

American Outlaws is a docu-film that tells the story of three siblings that go on a huge crime spree. These types of films are a fun ride when you can actually see the drama recreated and that is something that this film brings to the table. As well, throughout the film, you can see like video clips of the siblings with their family in certain moments.

The film’s story is based on a faithful story adaptation. Where you see from the start of the crime spree to the end of what these siblings did in their search for I would say acceptance and power. The film not only brings the criminal aspect of what they have done as well you see the point of view of the detectives that are looking for them and how there is a generational difference between both detectives.

The execution of the film was amazing and brought many scenes that you can enjoy on how they were executed. Many of the car action sequences look very sleek and as well it felt very real which is one feeling that one wants to see. As well in the film, you can see some sequences that are very intriguing to add to the story of the film like when the siblings are in a different neighborhood and everyone around them were like happy for them.

One thing that I would say that made the film a little weak was having footage of the car and of the sibling during the film. Because it’s good to have the audience imagine how these things happened and how they ended, It was confusing seeing that in the footage the car was one color and in the film was another. This is something that at least I would say was one of the weak points of the film. But from the action and the drama that this film brings it was interesting, especially I would think some added scenes to add more to some of the sibling’s backstory.

The cast was great in the film you can notice that some of the cast members are still kinda fresh in being in feature films. Still saying that they all brought an amazing performance you could feel the connection with each one of them being the Dougherty Siblings is phenomenal they all have a connection that keeps you in the seat. Even the additional cast was amazing having them all bringing a really nice touch to the main cast and adding to the story of the film.

One of the major highlights of the cast was India Eisley with her performance that she kept that composure as well changed up her personality from being the sweet one to an unstable character constantly. Plus she brings so much to her character because you can at first think she is sweet and innocent throughout the whole film showing you that she can change her personality and reaction in an instant and that is just something that you rarely see in a performance.

This film brings the correct amount of drama and action you would like in a film that wants to tell you the true story of events that happen around us. American Outlaws is a thrill ride and you will have the thrill and compassion with the characters as well you will find a certain connection with them due to how detailed this film is with their backstories. This film is worth the watch and it can let you think about life and how sometimes a bad decision can become something worse.


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