Slumberland [Movie Review]

A young girl discovers a secret map to the dreamworld of Slumberland, and with the help of an eccentric outlaw, she traverses dreams and flees nightmares, with the hope that she will be able to see her late father again.

Slumberland take you in this amazing adventure that keeps you in your seat as well open up your imagination to another level. Where you want to just jump off your seat and join the fun inside the this films adventure.

This film’s story is a mixture of adventure, grief and life lesson i would say. Why? Not only our main characters have an amazing ride through dreams but as well they both learn together how to accept each other and help each other through there pain.

Slumberland shows us how sometimes losing someone can create a certain types of fear, anger, denial and finding yourself. This film brings this theme and makes the journey smooth and fun but you can feel how the characters grow and change for the better.

The story is interesting and well made specially coming from an adaptation. This is a really nice touch and i would say that this film has a-lot of rewatch value and its a fun movie for the kids.

The characters in this film are super fun and as well you as the audience can make a personal connection with the characters it could be in a personal or normal connection. That is why these characters are interesting Flip and Nemo specially we can’t forget about Pig.

Jason Momoa as Flip was amazing seeing him have so much fun bringing this character to life. As well i would say that the meaning that he brings to the end of the film where you get to see like the twist in the end.

Marlow Barkley as Nemo what a performance she gave with her character. Making sure that you could feel how she felt in her scenes from happy to sad. Plus Nemo such an intriguing character that is due to the knowledge she has at her age.

Chris O’Dowd is an actor that i would love to see more in films and please give him a leading role. Even thou in the film he does have a sort off main role he does an amazing job plus when you see the twist in the end of the film you will be amazed.

Specially all the other cast members do an amazing job being part of this amazing film. That bring joy and a gateway of happiness that you can fully enjoy and have fun. Plus many interesting characters as well on there perception on dreams and how they work.

Why? I mention dreams is because in the film you see many of our side characters having different types of dreams and there meanings is amazing having a different understanding of what a dream means. This is another thing that this film brings to the table.

Slumberland is a special film where you can learn how to grief and face your fear plus as well finding your true self to live your life to the fullest. This film as well is a fun ride for yourself and your family.

Slumberland is a Heartwarming Adventure a simple story where you will laugh, cry and enjoy the whole ride. Plus just seeing all these characters makes you full inside of joy.


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