Blockbuster [Series Review]

Timmy Yoon Is an analog dreamer living in a 5G world. After he finds out that he is operating the very last Blockbuster Video in America, Timmy and his staff employees (including his long-time crush Eliza) fight to stay relevant. The only way to succeed is to remind their community that they provide something that big corporations can’t: human connection.

Blockbuster a series where takes you to nostalgia in a modern setting. Where it takes you to se what would’ve happen if the las Blockbuster was open in a modern day era where streaming and the internet are dominating.

The series has some great moments were you as someone that loved renting movies and making conversation with people while choosing a film or series it hits you good in the heart. But there are many things that didn’t work in the series.

Most comedy series just want to be The Office and not be there own thing. Like other shows that want to be Friends is and issue of just be a new thing for your audience and have fun with your story not just stay with clichés or same vibes from there predecessors.

Having this series set in the modern time was a big fail. Why? Imagine having the cast back in the 80’s and enjoying a time were blockbuster was in its prime and the stories that could’ve been told or created if the series was like that.

Plus let’s talk about the comedy aspect of the series. I expected something different and fresh but they delivered a very cliché story with workplace banter somewhat like the office.

Another thing that they could’ve been better is bringing a better story to tell because having some interesting characters. They could’ve been better used in the series in all aspects as possible.

One other thing that this series could’ve done better is not having cliché character stories. The lack of good storytelling even in a comedy series where you could’ve brought interesting characters and maybe add a fictional one that becomes a filmmaker and makes it big throughout the series.

This series is a fun ride even thou it lacks in jokes and as well in their characters. But still if you are soemone that love movies you will enjoy the quotes or the film knowledge form the series.

Blockbuster is a modern day comedy with a nostalgic taste that should’ve been something different. Still enjoyable and has some good funny moments where you will remember those great times in the video store.


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