‘Unidentified Objects’ Review: A Surrealist Character Space Journey (Fantastic Fest 2022)

“Do you ever wake up from a dream and it’s like you’re still dreaming?” That question suffused Colombian filmmaker Juan Felipe Zuleta’s debut feature, Unidentified Objects. It haunts the viewer into a false sense of security, questioning their own experiences and purpose on this earth.

Unidentified Objects stars Peter Hobbes (Matthew August Jeffers) and Sarah Hay (Winona Jordan) as two strangers who discover something about themselves across a road trip to Canada. Very early on, Sarah knocks sporadically on Peter’s door, asking him for a bizarre request: to give her a ride to Canada because she needs to visit her sister. Peter agrees to help her since he also has a secretive reason why he has to go too. Eventually, it’s discovered that Sarah has an ulterior motive for going so far north. She’s going to a specific location at a particular time. What’s the purpose? Sarah’s going to be abducted by aliens from Andromeda, again according to her. What follows is a series of surrealist events and dream-like sequences where Sarah and Peter will be tested physically but mainly emotionally.



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