Mr.Harrigan’s Phone [Movie Review]

When Mr. Harrigan dies, Craig, the teen who befriended and did odd jobs for him, puts his smartphone in his pocket before burial. When the lonely youth sends his dead friend a message, he is shocked to get a return text.

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is a very interesting look at how smartphones have conquered our lives with a twist of horror and thriller on the side. This story is of a kid reading to an elderly man and making a bond that no one would have seen coming especially how can a bond makes sure that in the afterlife it would continue to thrive and grow.

This film’s story is very simple even though I can imagine that the Stephen King book has more details in regards to some plot holes that the film doesn’t explain fully. Even with these plot holes, the story maintains many messages that are happening now such things as letting smartphones be a major part of our lives and forgetting that society is out there to grab and enjoy.

One of the other messages that this film brings is how hard work and being respectful to other or to your workplace can bring good things to your life. As well being humble can gain you trust within others. Mr.Harrigan’s Phone is a great tale within the thriller/horror aspect in the plot.

Now within the acting of the cast members having a veteran like Donald Sutherland being the mysterious Mr.Harrigan and Jaeden Martell being the sweet humble Craig there chemistry in this film is phenomenal it felt like a veteran teaching a future prodigy.

Now saying that i have to say that the sad part about the Jaeden’s character it felt the same way as when he was in It. Don’t know if it was a script issue or of in the book Craig has the same actitud as off Bill from the film it. Because Jaeden brought his a game what made it a little bland is that the character is the same as a past work.

Donald in the other hand he did show off his skills even thou he didn’t have that much screen time in terms that the film focuses more in Craig. But still every moment that Donald was in the screen we would notice the veteran in him.

From the other cast members being that many of them brought there characters to life to bring more to the table within the plot line. They all did an amazing work as well how some of them mix with the main cast members.

This film in the Horror/Thriller aspect it lacked when it had the potential to bring a little more to the table having so many scenes that are suspenseful. But this is me mentioning it due to that I haven’t read the Stephen King book still i would say that there could’ve been more moments where you could’ve brought mayor scares.

There were moments when you expected to be scared or a jump scare. But when you expect something to happen and it doesn’t i myself felt a little disappointed in a way because being a Stephen king adaptation we expect a little more scare in every corner of the film.

If you are into light horror then this film is for you or if you are a horror beginner. Why? Not having so much jump scares or suspenseful moments at least the thriller aspect and phycological one maintains the feel on how this film did actually work and made it a worth watch.

In all Mr.Harrigan’s Phone is a film to sit down and enjoy the ride. Be ready to see how certain events that they mention make you feel a little old. As well enjoy the performance of Donald and Jaeden bringing these characters to life. A light horror/thriller with a great phycological aspect within it all.


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