Lusca Film Fest 16th Anniversary

We covered the Lusca Film Festival this past weekend and we gotta say that it was a blast. Not only did we get to enjoy films and make the content, but we also got to meet amazing people during the two days that we covered.

Lusca Film Fest has an amazing staff and as well a great way to help content creators and critics be able to enjoy the event simply and easily. I myself love the fact that we had like a VIP Lounge that we can use to be able to set up and make podcasts with colleagues or for yourself.

The film selection was phenomenal especially the short films that myself and my wife fully enjoyed. I gotta say as well the film that I and my colleagues watched Opal is a must-watch. Love the way that you could vote for the short films as well but sadly for the Sci-Fi/Horror shorts, we didn’t get to vote.

But besides that little hiccup, the event was amazing seeing many film fans and geeks as well as getting together to just enjoy cinema how it should be enjoyed in the theater with some popcorn and friends and family. Plus the event not only had Movies and Cosplay but many local stores that were a variety of items from Art, Plush toys, and the film festival merchandise.

We can’t forget that in this event one of the biggest highlights is the Harry Potter theme and as well one of the main events that it was the wand battle to see who would win the magical Elder Wand. That experience at the event was phenomenal and unique myself and my wife fully enjoyed Lusca Film Festival.

In all this event was amazing I really hope that next year I can join the film festival as a whole and just enjoy the two weeks of pure cinema. Lusca Film Festival deserves to be bigger and known as an important event every year to bring awareness of local cinema and international as well. We fully recommend this event for friends and family to enjoy.

Our Choices Of The Festival:


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