Halloween Ends [Movie Review]

The saga of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode comes to a spine-chilling climax in this final installment of this trilogy.

Halloween Ends the culmination fo Micheal Myers and his reign of Evil in Haddonfield, Illinois. This epic end of an era of Micheal Myers and Laurie Strode and maybe a new beginning to our favorite serial killer.

This film is a hell of a fun ride where the story takes you in a journey of what is Micheal Myers and how a small town can turn on someone just for one mistake. As well an exploration on how you as a person and anyone can turn into the evil.

Why? The exploration comes forth from the start of the film to the end. You can notice how the development of the story comes forth to this understanding on what Micheal Myers is and a understanding on how it works.

Halloween Ends story has a great feel on how it ends and how this can be a new turnaround in either bringing back Micheal Myers or creating a new Horror Monster for cinema.

One mayor aspect of this films has to be the whole cast. They did a phenomenal job bringing this film to life and as well there are many highlights of scenes that will get you laughing and as well scared and worried.

But I wanna talk about Rohan Campbell he play Corey. What an amazing performance from him in this film how you can notice and see how he makes his transition. As well how he made sure that well something you should see yourself in the the film.

Jaime Lee Curtis brought a very interesting take of Laurie Strode where you can feel a different vibe in her character. But inside all she has some scenes that you are like no way this just happened or i like this scenes for what it means.

Halloween Ends has an amazing cast that just made this culmination a fun hell of a ride. Plus a very scary and interesting finale in the end i would love to see more of Rohan and Jaime Lee’s work in another film or series.

Halloween Ends has a mixture of Horror,Thriller and a dash of humor I wouldn’t call it comedy. There are some scenes that have humor but it’s more to add to the character in hand of the conversation and it makes it feel natural not pushed.

I really liked how the film goes and focuses more in Allyson and Corey and their journey and leaves Laurie and Micheal aside to be able to make a more character driven narrative. It’s a different take of Horror film we can compare it with Mr. Harrigan’s Phone.

Halloween Ends has many great aspects of Horror in between jump scares and moments where you as the audience get stressed out because there might be a jump scare plus we can’t forget the gore aspect of Halloween.

In All Halloween Ends is a Great Finale for our Beloved Micheal Myers. As well for our other characters in the story but within this ending there is a big chance for another awakening of this so call evil.

Having this film having such an open ending it can be taken that maybe there will be more or just this is how we all end up after all this massacre and everyone moves on.

Halloween ends is a great film to sit down and enjoy. Hoped that it would’ve been a little more of of Micheal and a more sustainable Cathartic moment for Laurie or something more enclosed with these characters to have that mayor boom. But in the end we have a so so Halloween film.


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