Blonde [Movie Review]

A fictionalized chronicle of the inner life of Marilyn Monroe.

Blonde is a film that touches bases on some of the events in Pop Icon Marilyn Monroe her perspective and as well how Hollywood would treat women for their entertainment and gain. This film brings Stunning scenes as well as moments that will keep you in shock due to how graphic this film can be.

From being an adaptation of a book this film brings a very different approach to what a Biopic film is. Why? When you see films like Malcolm X, 42, Ali, and others they touch bases in a 90 Min to 120 min run time. While Blonde goes for 2 hours and 47 minutes where it’s rare for me to say that it’s too long of a film with a nonlinear story as well with no endgame towards the end for the character.

Blonde is a very brutal with Marilyn Monroe showing off only the Bad things and very little of the good of this pop icon. Even thou there are moments that she shines in her story but here the director focused more in how Hollywood treated her. Plus how in the film she is really called Norma Jeane and Marilyn was her counter part.

Having very graphic scenes that you can make you uncomfortable. As well where their is no limit on what is upcoming next because you can actually feel how Norma felt and her pain that is how strong these scenes are the sad part some of these scenes don’t add much for the story.

The film brings to the table many topics like misogyny, Abuse, Rape to a woman and how the industry had control over many of these actresses to be able to be a Star. As well showed us on how powerful a Politician can be and get away with anything they do even thou its not appropriate.

Thou bringing all these topics to the table it would’ve been better if they focused in one thing or two to have a more vivid look to the story. They could’ve explored more on the misogyny portion of Hollywood or the political side of things to explore more how Marilyn Was treated in her movie roles and personal life. No

The Mayor Highlight of this film is non and only the actress that brings Norma Jeane to life Ana De Armas. Her performance was phenomenal in the film how she changed from one persona to another as well make you think that Norma was a little mentally unstable.

I personally would say that she brought her 100% and much more for this film. Why? Everything that she had to do bringing this character to life i imagine it wasn’t easy for her and keep her composure to do it as well. I would say that not everyone would’ve done this film like it is.

Throughout the whole cast did an amazing job bringing there characters and adding to the film the spice thats needed to bring the nonlinear story to life. Also to mention that these characters would’ve been amazing if they were included more to the story.

My final thoughts of this film is that i would’ve preferred something more inclining towards Marilyn and not a character that was playing another character. Exploring the depth of how Hollywood worked back in those times and how it affected her in a world dominated by men.

From there you could’ve sprinkled about some of the accusations she had. In all Blonde could’ve been shorter and better I wouldn’t watch the film again but as well i would say that Ana De Armas save the film to be watchable.


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