Cobra Kai S5 [Series Review]

Decades after their 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament bout, a middle-aged Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence find themselves martial-arts rivals again.

We are back in the Valley with Cobra Kai making there mark and conquering every dojo and making a major brand of Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy. Having a major rivalry between Terry Silver and Daniel Larusso, Johnny Lawrence trying to take him down affecting everyone around them.

All Cast members doing an amazing job and bringing these characters to life. But personally this season I will say that the performance of Mary Mouser and Peyton List they came to steal the show in this season.

They brought to life these characters and made sure to leave a stamp where they can be potential Hollywood stars. Being part of the major part of the story as well having each character go through a major process for the end game.

As well all the cast members each one made a stance to say that Cobra Kai is the series to watch. Because one can find a character to have that connection with one personally.

One major thing i would say is that this season did bring a better script that the previous two seasons. Even thou their were moments that you would just cry or face palm on why is this here or why they said this it. Still a better script that its predecessors.

This season not only brought many nostalgic moments and making sure that we remember where it all started. This season made sure that every character had a moment to shine and focusing a little more on the Adults and there mistakes than the kids.

Bringing to the table many teaching from Honor to putting the past on the side and as well never giving up. Highlighting many moments where the dialogue in this season was better than the previous season.

Having this season keeping your heart pounding very fast for every thing that happens i with our characters and as well memorable moments recreated. Feeling excited for all the fighting sequences and choreography plus the fact that their are many full shot scenes.

Having all major plots resolved and making sure that one can be satisfied with the end game. But i would say that still the series had some moments where it could’ve been cut or not filmed.

There were moments of comedy that i fully understand why they have these scenes. But having such a high octane season these scenes could’ve been cut to have a more well rounded a more high octane series.

This season did feel like this would be the last season of the franchise due to the ending and how it’s structured. This should’ve been the final season just to culminate a whole rivalry and as well it’s open to make a final film or short season.

Why? because with the ending they make sure to maybe have yet another season will be made to highlight a certain character in the series as well the big tournament that was announced. If there is a new season they can focus just in the Kids and the Karate and less in bringing back the rivalry.

In the end Cobra Kai Season 5 bring to the table what every fan wants. Proper continuation and a lot of Karate and many nostalgic moments to keep in touch to the classic film.


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