‘Lightyear’ Review: A Very Light and Kid-Friendly Deep-Space Existentialist Film

First introduced to the world in 1995’s Toy Story, Lightyear tackles the narrative behind the famous Buzz Lightyear toy Andy used to play with all those years ago.

Living with guilt and regret is something truly horrific. If it’s not channeled, it can consume every fiber of your being. A mistake, a single solitary mistake, can cost you your sanity and your mental stability. Obsession is also a feeling that can bring positive outcomes, but this film tackles the notion of what can happen when you go too far obsessing over something. Pixar has consistently brought wholly unique stories and fascinating explorations of themes, characters, and metaphors for children and adults alike to enjoy. They might not all be sure-fire hits, but at the very least, they all leave room to create dialogue, craft thought-provoking questions, and elicit heavy emotions. And I’m happy to say that their newest entry, Lightyear, is no different, albeit this one has a few minor issues.

FOR THE FULL REVIEW HEAD TO: https://www.thenerdybasement.com/movies/lightyear-non-spoiler-review/


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