Love Death + Robots V3 [Series Review]

A collection of animated short stories that span various genres including science fiction, fantasy, horror and comedy.

Love Death + Robots Volume 3 i got to say that this season was mind blowing and eye catching with all the different stories and styles of animations plus how can a short 10-20 minute video can tell a whole story and make an impact.

Volume 3 makes you feel that every short story has a purpose to send a message or tell a complex storyline. Plus having a sequel for one of the short stories with the three robots.

Having this experience on every Volume too see different talent and stories, As well seeing high end actors working within these project let it be Voice acting or mocap to bring these stories to life is amazing.

This approach of being an anthology series is the best thing that Love Death + Robots has brought to the table here at Netflix. As well every volume gets better and better.

All shorts have brought there pieces on the table. Love Death + Robots is a thrill ride and is just buckle your seat and enjoy the ride and the exciting adventures you will go through.


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