Ultraman S1 [Series Review]

Shinjiro Hayata learns that his father passed on the “Ultraman Factor” to him and fights against evil.

Ultraman animated series is an excellent node to the Original. This hero’s journey that our main character didn’t want at the start of his teenage years. These series give you a look at the Orginal Ultraman series in a gorgeous animation.

Season One brings to you what every new fan wants a great story and fun interaction in the animation. Plus a simple plot line where nothing is that complex to just have fun and enjoy the ride.

Bringing to the table a very interesting story where you as the audience think that there is more too come in the next season due to that the main villain in the story has more to come for our hero.

Despite certain things i really think that making Ultraman as a character that anyone can be in the series it makes me feel a little odd. Why? Because when you see the original or certain other Japanese Shows the main character is unique or special.

In this series many people not in random can be and wear the Ultraman suit. It feels odd and not fun too see. Plus the suit design looks good but i think in a way it could’ve been better in my opinion.

Ultraman Season 1 still a fun and exciting ride if you are into Sci-Fi Japanese anime. Plus you will like the action set pieces and as well the heroes journey.


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