Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker [Movie Review]

The Plot

After Palpatine mysteriously returns, the Resistance faces the First Order once more in the final chapter of the Skywalker saga.


The Good

  1. Great FX
  2. Great Action Scene’s


The Bad

  1. Too many plot holes
  2. It feels forced
  3. Bland character development
  4. Missed opportunities


Final Verdict

Star Wars The Rise of The Skywalkers what an interesting forced film. This is why i always say that when you have a director film your first film of a trilogy keep the same filmmaker because another filmmaker will have other plans for your franchise.

This Star Wars film felt a little too forced and it was all over the place, Why? I say this because the film start with literally using the classic Star Wars yellow lettering plot reveal to explain to you almost a whole new different movie. where it explains where Palpatine has been and what Princess Leia was planning to stop him with spies in the Last Order.

The story in this Star Wars film had so many Plot holes that it made it look like an amateur made the script or they just wanted to end the Skywalker saga like as soon as possible. Because when you have so many short scene’s too clear up some story to give you just a little taste on what this film could have been.

We all know that some movies take a chance and if the story will take alot that a two hour film will not make up for it. Some studios go ahead and make a two part film that is something that Disney could have done. Star Wars: The Rise Of The Skywalkers Part 1 & 2 to give us a chance to develop palpatine’s return and Princess Leia’s Jedi Story.

Even thou we know are Princess has fallen. They could have given her the story she deserved and the ending that the Skywalkers needed. It felt so bland seeing Rey in the end calling herself a Skywalker and not only that it felt forced.

There was so much potential in this film in character development for future films or series for there new Disney + platform. They left out a great character in this film Rose Tico played by Kelly Marie Tran what a character she could’ve had in the star wars universe a great chance like that she can be a bigger part in this franchise.

Plus don’t get me started on the fact that some comeback characters where just there for the fans eye candy. When you could have done much more in the film with these characters.

Star Wars: The Rise Of The Skywalkers as a Movie for the casual Star Wars film lover is a great movie too continue on. But for the Star Wars Fan that has been into the Canon and reading up the stories and comic book and watching the animated series this film feels bland and it has more Plot Holes than when the Death Star Exploded in The New Hope.

As a Movie
As a Star Wars Film 



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